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                • The 10th International Conference on Public Health Among Greater Mekong Sub-region Countries

                • Health Equity and Response to Crisis

                • 1-3 November 2018 Kunming City,China

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                Hotel Recommendation
                    There are actually many hotels that you can find to choose on the internet. From our side, we have negotiated special discounted rates for GMS-ICPH 2018 delegates in a range of accommodation options close to the conference venue. Please email us if you need any support.

                List of the hotel
                ¡ñ   International Exchange Center of Kunming Medical University
                    No.1168 Chunrong Street, Chenggong New District, Kunming, China
                    Tel: +86 871 65939116
                   Avg. price per standard double room/ twin room per night including breakfast: CNY 288 (approximately US$42) (Cash Only).

                ¡ñ  Kunming Hotel
                    No.52 Dong Feng Dong Road, Panlong District, Kunming, China
                    Tel: +86 871 63162063; Website: www.kmhotel.cn
                    Avg. price per standard double room/ twin room per night including breakfast: CNY 380 (approximately US$54)

                ¡ñ  Howard Johnson Tropical Garden Plaza Kunming 
                    No.888 Chunrong Street Chenggong New District Kunming, China
                    Tel: 400-636-6636
                    Avg. price per room/night: $85
                   The Howard Johnson Tropical Garden Plaza Kunming (Nanya Fengqingyuan Haosheng Dajiudian) is a five-star hotel adjacent to a flower market which provides a bird's eye view of the greenery Luolong Park and Chunrong Park. With Free in-room Wi-Fi and easy access to the Chunrong Street Metro station, this hotel makes a convenient choice in Chenggong New District. But the hotel is a little far away from Kunming Medical University, about 10 minutes driving distance.

                If you want to stay one of these three hotels during the conference, please kindly respond to logisticgmsphc@163.com before October 26th, 2018.

                Check-in/Check-Out times
                    Check in time is at 14.00 pm on the day of arrival
                    Check out time is at 12.00 pm on the day of departure